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NOTE: We recently updated PrestoSoft code signing certificate that protects our executable files. This causes a Windows SmartScreen warning when you either download an executable setup or run it. According to Microsoft, these warnings will be displayed until the signing certificate had established reputation with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen services. If you see a SmartScreen warning when launching the downloaded self-extracting setup file, please click on More info, and then, when presented with the second screen with the file information, on Run anyway.

SmartScreen Warning
SmartScreen Run

If you don't see the Run anyway button, please follow these steps:
  • Right click the downloaded setup file
  • Select Properties
  • In the General tab, check Unblock under Security
  • Click Apply and then OK
  • Run the setup again

Need more advanced features? Try ExamDiff Pro!

ExamDiff Pro

Visual File And Directory Comparison Tool

• Perform code reviews and share diff reports with your colleagues
• Compare a local website to an FTP server using built-in plug-ins
• Visualize your code structure through syntax highlighting
• Compare Word, Excel, and PDF documents using built-in plug-ins
• Create directory snapshots for future comparison and archiving
• Compare from Windows Explorer using the built-in Shell extension
• Accurately compare executable files with binary comparison
• Synchronize files and folders between your PC and external media
• Quickly undo mistakes by comparing files with previous versions
• Perform 2-way and 3-way diff and merge (Master Edition only)