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Version 2.6
Copyright 1997-2015 PrestoSoft LLC

FtpVC (FTP Version Control) is a Windows application that uses the FTP protocol to provide a serverless version control system. FtpVC allows joint software development using Internet FTP connections. This program permits developers to get, check out, check in, undo check out, and label project files on a remote server. It also allows the comparison of files on the server to their local versions, showing results in a two-pane window. FtpVC's biggest advantage is that, unlike other distributed version control systems, no server setup is required: FtpVC utilizes standard FTP servers. FtpVC provides all basic version control features that are necessary for collaborative development. Thus, users from all over the world can now jointly and safely work on the same project without the possibility of conflict, with very little setup.

FtpVC includes common features for an FTP client, such as the ability to put, delete, rename files and directories, and create directories. In the version control context these functions are needed to successfully manage files on a remote server. This is achieved by using so-called stubs to mark files on an FTP server. These very small files can be found in the FtpVC remote directory (./.ftpvc by default) with the .stub extension. However, FtpVC doesn't show them in its file window because these files are only there for support.


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