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Command Line Options


Compare Two Files Or Directories

ExamDiff [Path1] [Path2] [Options]
ExamDiff /se:Session [Path1] [Path2]
ExamDiff /sf:SessionFile

Merge Three Files Into Fourth File

ExamDiff /merge LeftPath CenterPath RightPath [/o:OutputPath] [Options]
ExamDiff /se:Session [LeftPath] [CenterPath] [RightPath]
ExamDiff /sf:SessionFile


Path1, Path2: paths of files or directories to be compared
LeftPath (Theirs), CenterPath (Base), RightPath (Yours): paths of files to be merged
OutputPath: path of the output file with merge results
Session: name of the session to be used for comparison or merging
SessionFile: name of the session file to be used for comparison or merging


/iignore case
/wignore all white space in lines
/bignore changes in amount of white space in lines
/lignore leading white space in lines
/eignore trailing white space in lines
/kignore blank lines
/j:REignore lines matching regular expression RE
/brbriefly report whether files/directories differ
/ttreat both files as text files
/tbtreat both files as binary files
/duse status view filter
/q:Mset tab size to M characters
/sconsider files with same size and timestamp identical
/icconsider files with same CRC identical
/yconsider files with different sizes different
/uconsider files with different attributes different
/zconsider files with different timestamps different
/dcconsider files with different CRC values different
/dvconsider files with different versions different
/r0do not compare subdirectories at all
/r1compare subdirectories only to determine their status
/r2compare subdirectories recursively
/fi:filterspecify include filter for directory comparison
/fx:filterspecify exclude filter for directory comparison
/freport file differences during directory comparison
/ndon't show initial "Compare" dialog
/sdalways show initial "Compare" dialog, even if paths are provided
/a:Nscroll through all differences with N second delay and exit after the last difference
/o:fileoutput diff results into a file (or to standard output if '-' is specified) and exit; can be used with /f option
/nodo not generate output file if no diffs are found
/em:emailemail diff results to the address 'email' (note: some MAPI clients, such as Outlook, require the "smtp:" prefix before the email address; can be used with /f option)
/appendappend to existing output file (used with /o option; default - replace existing output file)
/htmloutput HTML diff report (used with /o and /em options; default - text diff format; does not work with standard output or with /append option; can be used with /f option)
/p[:printer]print diff report to default or specified printer and exit
/cprint file diffs when printing directory diff report
/xread-only mode
/g:fileload ExamDiff Pro options from an options file
/gx:filesave ExamDiff Pro options to an options file
/ffforce initial file comparison dialog
/fdforce initial directory comparison dialog
/swapswap first and second file/directory
/sn1:fileuse this name when you save the first file
/sn2:fileuse this name when you save the second file
/nhdo not add files or directories to comparison history
/statsonlyoutput only comparison statistics
/dn1:nameuse this as the first file/directory caption
/dn2:nameuse this as the second file/directory caption
/dn3:nameuse this as the third file caption
/dno:nameuse this as the merge output caption
/dt1:nameuse this as the tag for the first/left file
/dt2:nameuse this as the tag for the second/center file
/dt3:nameuse this as the tag for the third/right file
/nouiif all conflicts are resolved, output merge results and exit (used with /o option)
/preselect:Nin case of a conflict, use center (N=2; default), left (N=1), or right (N=3) file; used only for three-way merge
/autoresolvemark conflicts as resolved (default - false; typically used with /preselect option; does not affect two-way merge)
/diffonlydiff-only merge mode: hide the merge pane
/?,/hprint this screen


  • Options may be entered before or after paths of files or directories. Use // to specify that no more options will be entered in command line.
  • If only /se:Session is specified, the session's file/directory paths and options will be used, even if some other options are also specified (they will be ignored.)
    If /se:Session option is specified along with file/directory paths, the specified paths will be used, along with the options from the session (even if other options are specified in command line).
    If no session is specified, the unnamed default session will be used.
  • If /sf:SessionFile is specified, the session file's file/directory paths and options will be used, even if some other options are also specified (they will be ignored.)
  • Options /i, /w, /b, /l, /e, /k, /j, /br, /d, /s, /y, /u, /z, /dc, /dv and /c can be used with "!", in which case the option will be negated (e.g. /!i means do not ignore case).
    If options /i, /w, /b, /l, /e, /k, /j, /br, /d, /s, /y, /u, /z, /dc, /dv, /c (or their negations), /t, tb, /r0, /r1, /r2, /fi, or /fx are not set, the last used options in the specified or default session remain in effect.
  • Command line options are in effect only for the duration of the current comparison. If the Options dialog is started, matching command line options will used to initialize the dialog.
  • Only the following options are valid for file merging (with their negations where applicable): /w, /b, /l, /e, /q, /sd, /o, /g, /nh, /dn1, /dn2, /dn3, /dno, /dt1, /dt2, /dt3, /noui, /se and /sf.

Comparison Examples

  • ExamDiff c:\temp\a.txt c:\temp\b.txt /o:-
  • ExamDiff c:\temp\dir1 c:\temp\dir2 /d /fi:*.txt
  • ExamDiff c:\temp\dir1 c:\temp\dir2 /se:Unicode
  • ExamDiff // -a.txt -b.txt

Merging Examples

  • ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\base.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /o:c:\output.txt
  • ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /o:c:\output.txt
  • ExamDiff /merge c:\temp\theirs.txt c:\temp\base.txt c:\temp\yours.txt /w /dn1:Server /dn2:Base /dn3:Local /nh

Comparison Exit Codes

0identical files or directories
1different files or directories
2an error occurred

Merging Exit Codes

0no conflicts
1some conflicts were found
2an error occurred