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Changes In Version 2.6 (July 23, 2010)Build history

New features: Bug fixes:
  • Local-only directories were not shown in the tree in recursive mode
  • Improved FTP performance
  • Improved status messages in the output view
  • More efficient selected status update

NOTE: this version uses a new scheme of naming stub files. As a result, all of your client desktops have to upgrade to 2.6 at the same time, and all checked-out files have to be checked in before the upgrade. FtpVC 2.6 will read the old stubs and convert them to the new format but the old versions of FtpVC will not be able to read the new stubs.

Changes In Version 2.5a (December 23, 2008)

New features:
  • Comments shown in the History view
Bug fixes:
  • Long stub names prevented users from performing version control operations
  • Incorrect blank default FtpVC directory for new projects
  • Added FtpVC executable path to the Registry: HKCU\Software\PrestoSoft\FtpVC\ExePath

Changes In Version 2.5 (April 21, 2008)

New features:
  • Windows Vista support
  • Improved Find Checkouts and Find By Status behavior
  • Ability to copy History items to clipboard
  • Ability to copy main view items to clipboard
  • Option to minimize FtpVC to the system tray
  • Remembering user options in Find Checkouts and Find By Status dialogs
  • Option for comments to be required for actions where comments are available
  • Ability to hide the folder view and the navigation bar
Bug fixes:
  • Some timestamps were not shown correctly under regional settings other then English (US)
  • Removed infinite looping when double-clicked on a local-only directory if the latter was not visible in the tree
  • Proper support for Unix symbolic links
  • Improved SMTP support
  • Much faster compression algorithm

Changes In Version 2.4 (October 14, 2006)

New features:
  • Ability to roll back a file to one of its previous versions
  • CRC and version number added to the file properties dialog
  • Option to add empty directories when doing a recursive add
  • Ability to specify arguments for the external diff tool
  • Ability to set local file time to a revision (version) time
Bug fixes:
  • Local file caching
  • True-color toolbar with small and large buttons
  • All executables are now digitally signed by a certificate of authenticity

Changes In Version 2.3 (March 28, 2005)

New features:
  • Ability to show local-only files
  • Ability to assign multiple labels to a single file version
  • File locking for making version control safe in multi-user environment
  • Ability to set up custom file viewer
  • Ability to set local file time to a revision (version) time
  • 'Make writable' option in Get dialog'
  • XP look under XP and higher
  • Ability to show/hide output pane
Bug fixes:
  • Auto-refresh during file transfer could cause a crash
  • Blank subdirectories prevented recursive view to be fully filled
  • Ignoring stubs in root directory
  • GET may retrieve cached version if used without refresh
  • Improved Refresh behavior

Changes In Version 2.2 (May 10, 2003)

New features:
  • Labels
  • Filtered history with multiple file support
  • Email subscription to version control events for a specific file
  • Support for SMTP servers with authentication
  • Ability to clone projects
  • Option to use filters when adding files
  • Back, Forward buttons
Bug fixes:
  • Bugs in Find Checkouts and Find By Status
  • Bugs in recursive Delete
  • When an unchanged file is checked in, the operation is treated as Undo Check out
  • Ability to minimize FtpVC when files are transferred
  • Much faster recursive functionality
  • Much faster directory listings

Changes In Version 2.1 (June 9, 2002)

New features:
  • Fast status updates (stub files will be renamed and will not be backwards compatible with pre-2.1 versions)
  • Recover version info when attaching a file
  • Option to save log to file
  • Manual and automatic reconnection to FTP server
  • Include and exclude filters for file names
  • Find checkouts
  • Find by status
  • "Go" bar
  • Forcing loading options and settings if files forceloadoptions.txt or forceloadsettings.txt exist in the FTP server root directory
  • View filters for the file list
  • Option to compress files on the server
  • Caching of temporary files for better performance
  • Forcing check-out of files checked out by other user
  • User-defined file double-click actions
  • Options for local file timestamps for Check Out, Get and Undo Check Out
  • Optional dialogs for version control operations

Changes In Version 2.0 (August 20, 2001)

New features:
  • History of files (with option to store previous versions)
  • Option to use Windows user name to login to FtpVC
  • View files
  • Option to back up local files
  • Option to enable/disable multiple checkouts
  • Option to store remote FtpVC files (stubs, previous versions) in a selected remote subdirectory relative to each remote directory
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Ability to automatically update project options and FtpVC settings as soon as the FTP connection is established
  • Ability to automatically update project options and FtpVC settings as soon as the FTP connection is established
  • New encryption algorithm

Changes In Version 1.4 (January 17, 2001)

New features:
  • Auto-refresh (status of files is automatically refreshed at a specified interval)
  • Windows® Explorer menu for local files on a right-mouse click
  • Option to notify mailing list on Add operation
  • Option to show subdirectories recursively
Bug fixes:
  • Warning is issued on second check-out

Changes In Version 1.3 (February 22, 1999)

New features:
  • Email check-in notifications to a mailing list
  • Support for passive FTP
  • Support for ports other than 21
  • List of file extensions for ASCII transfer
  • "Keep checked out" option for Check In
  • "Replace local file(s)" option for Undo Check Out
  • Multiple projects
  • Checksums are used to show status of files and avoid unnecessary file transfers
  • Integration with ExamDiff 1.6

Changes In Version 1.2 (May 16, 1998)

New features:
  • Keeping FTP connection alive
  • Refresh selected files and refresh without status update
  • Integrated visual file difference which allows to compare file on the server with its local version
  • More informative file transfer dialogs
  • Choice not to download same or newer files while getting them from the server
  • Persistent screen layout
Bug fixes:
  • Failed to read files and directory names with blanks in names
  • Failed to set initial directory when absolute path was used

Changes In Version 1.0a (September 25, 1997)

New features:
  • File Type Manager in the Put Dialog
  • More robust status checking (by a check of the stub file immediately preceding any version control operation)
  • Reverse sort after a second click on any file view column
  • "Smart" local dir default for Get and Check Out (guesses if it could offer a sub-dir of the local dir)
  • Check Out takes the current comment as a suggested comment (helps to keep old comments in absence of file history). For a multiple selection the comment is taken from the first file item
Bug fixes:
  • Save Password option in the Define Connection dialog sometimes failed
  • Check In or Undo Check Out option applied to a directory in the tree view caused an erroneous message
  • Double-click on a directory item in the file view sometimes caused an infinite loop if "/" was a current directory in the tree view

The first version of FtpVC (1.0) was released on July 17, 1997.