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Note: dates listed here are those of first stable version builds. Dates and details of subsequent builds can be accessed via the "Build history" links.

Changes In Version 15.0 (May 10, 2024)Build history

New features: Improvements:
  • HTML Diff Report Improvements
  • Better WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) support
  • "Update available" visual indicator in the main menu
  • Improved performance of startup and resizing
  • Setup improvements
  • Install plug-ins of the appropriate architecture (64-bit or 32-bit) based on the architecture chosen for the ExamDiff Pro installation
Bug fixes:
  • Multiple bug fixes

Changes In Version 14.0 (May 11, 2023)Build history

New features: Improvements:
  • Text comparison/merge status bar usability improvements
  • The width of the address column in binary comparison views is based on file sizes
  • More intuitive behavior of the "Run in new instance" option in the Compare dialog
  • Better support of Unicode characters in text comparison
  • Better syntax tree parsing performance for large files
  • When "Retain file/directory pair" in Options | Global is used, files/directories are now populated for all three modes: file and directory comparison and file merge
  • Better startup and comparison performance
Bug fixes:
  • Multiple bug fixes

Changes In Version 13.0 (August 3, 2022)Build history

New features:
  • Table comparison (Master edition)
  • Scope bar (class/function detection)
  • Windows 11 support
  • Ability to reset pane layout to default
  • View commands to zoom in/out views
  • Ability to copy HEX dump of data in binary comparison
  • Ability to use advanced diff algorithms in binary comparison
  • Option to show selection check boxes in directory comparison views
  • Suppress dark mode for diff report printing
  • Ability to skip resolved differences
Bug fixes:
  • Multiple bug fixes

Changes In Version 12.0 (June 3, 2021)Build history

New features: Bug fixes:
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Usability improvements to Options dialog

Changes In Version 11.0 (May 18, 2020)Build history

New features: Bug fixes:
  • Multiple bug fixes
  • Significantly faster directory comparison in full file comparison mode
  • Text file comparison performance improvements
  • Installation improvements
  • Better mouse wheel scroll behavior in Windows 10
  • Improvement: More intuitive text comparison results
  • Better saving/restoring of manual synchronization links
  • Separated Line-by-line setting in Options | Test Compare | Advanced from Fuzzy comparison settings, and made the latter more user-friendly
  • Better sorting in directory comparison
  • Loading file/directory from the pane title bar will now recompare if the Auto-Compare option is turned on

Changes In Version 10.0 (July 31, 2018)Build history

New features: Bug fixes:
  • Changed window size sometimes did not persist after re-compare
  • The "Copy Line to Other File" command has been extended to "Copy Line(s) to Other File"

Changes In Version 9.0 (May 13, 2017)Build history

New features: Bug fixes:
  • Stopping parallel full comparison caused files to be marked with "Error" status or to be erroneously marked as identical
  • Options and sessions files were not saved with the Unicode Byte Order Mark (BOM)
  • Incorrect line numbering after Add Block, Delete Block, and Split Block commands
  • Better detection of comments for programming languages supported by syntax highlighting
  • Better text/binary detection
  • Better performance of 3-Way Diff And Merge
  • Better performance of parallel full comparison
  • Explorer context menu is now enabled even if selected files are in different directories (Windows Vista and higher)

Changes In Version 8.0 (December 17, 2015)Build history

New features: Improvements:
  • Improved performance of directory comparison
  • Ability to toggle option "Ignore Linebreak styles" via customized toolbar
  • Added more file attributes to the supported ones (RHSA) in directory comparison views
  • Manual synchronization links are now saved per session and also saved into session files
  • Bookmarks are now preserved during re-comparison
  • Improved support for Wine 1.8

Changes In Version 7.0 (June 7, 2014)Build history

New features:
  • Open
  • Open Both
  • Copy as Path
  • Ctrl-Mouse wheel adjusts font size
  • Option to make the directory comparison backup directory hidden
  • Text file encoding shown in status bars and highlighted if different
Bug fixes:
  • Empty directory not matching comparison filters were still shown in directory comparison
  • New Tools menu for settings-related commands
  • New Options | Tools pane for options pertaining to external tools
  • Improved layout for many dialogs
  • Reorganized directory comparison context menu to make rarely used commands less prominent
  • Rearranged "Comparison precision" settings under Options | Directory Compare
  • Newer/Older file comparison status panes are now colored

Changes In Version 6.0 (December 20, 2012)Build history

New features:
  /gx:file save ExamDiff Pro options to an options file
Bug fixes:
  • Selected padding lines were indented and lost their padding status when the Tab key was pressed in text comparison
  • /fi and /fx options did not automatically enable the "Use comparison filters" option along with the specified filters
  • Resetting plug-ins to default did not properly recover installed plug-ins
  • Line numbers were being selected along with text in HTML diff reports
  • More intuitive keyboard shortcuts for difference navigation commands
  • Rearranged options

Changes In Version 5.5 (May 15, 2011)Build history

New features:
  • First Diff
  • Last Diff
  • End of Current Diff
  /em:email email diff results to the address 'email'
  • New buttons for existing commands can now be added to the toolbar:
  • Load Session from File
  • Save Session to File
Bug fixes:
  • When "Save files before re-comparison" was set, clipboard contents caused the "Save first file" dialog and the "Save second file" dialogs to appear twice
  • Ignoring trailing whitespaces in lines failed in certain situations
  • HTML diff reports did not resize correctly in Chrome
  • Horizontally-split HTML diff reports did not resize correctly
  • Minor issues in HTML and XML syntax highlighting
  • High memory consumption in text file comparison
  • Options | Compare panel reorganized to group similar Ignore options together
  • Changed the way empty directories are presented (directory name instead of "<Empty directory>")
  • Zero similarity matching is enabled even if the file size is larger than the fuzzy matching threshold
  • Icons on the Compare dialog buttons
  • Icons on the Print Preview dialog buttons

Changes In Version 5.0 (May 28, 2010)

New features:
  • File properties of dir view items updated
  • Diff blocks changed as appropriate
  • Delete Block
  • Show Diff Combo Box Bar
  • Ignore Case
  • Ignore All White Space
  • Ignore Blank Lines
Bug fixes:
  • Right-click name filtering is no longer broken
  • Clipboard selection now works together with the "Fun comparison in new instance of ExamDiff Pro" option
  • Shell integration now works correctly with file and directory shortcuts
  • Ignore the Ignores command renamed to Use Ignores and behavior reversed
  • Reorganization of the View menu to group all Options-related commands together
  • Options | Display panel organized into three distinct sections: Common Options, File Comparison, and Directory Comparison
  • Improved handling of empty directories in recursive directory comparison:
  • All empty directories now shown, even if the matching directory in the other pane is not empty
  • Prompt to delete directories if their contents are all deleted
  • Significantly reduced size of HTML diff reports
  • Filter icon in status bar colored red to match the Use Comparison Filters toolbar button

Changes In Version 4.5 (May 22, 2009)

New features:
  • Global Undo/Redo, improved block operations
  • Diffs marked as "resolved" after Replace... commands
  • Line modification marks
  • Undo/Redo information kept after re-comparison
  • Improved diff bar (all diffs displayed, synchronization buttons, resolved diffs shown, right-click menu, tooltips)
  • Ability to specify file encoding (ASCII, UTF-8, UTF-16LE or UTF-16BE) for opening and saving text files
  • Highlighting and ability to navigate to changed/missing linebreaks
  • Word wrap improvements:
  • Fit to window
  • White space handling
  • Ability to ignore time differences caused by daylight saving changes
  • Toolbar buttons for enabling/disabling synchronized scrolling
  • New information in the file status bar (size, number of lines for text files)
  • Installation of both 64-bit and 32-bit Shell Extensions in 64-bit Windows
  • Ability to delete items from persistent combo boxes
  • Browse for files (zip, etc.) in addition to snapshots in dir comparison
  • Previously undocumented command line options are now officially supported:
  /dn1:name use this as the first file/directory caption
  /dn2:name use this as the second file/directory caption
  • Added ExamDiff Pro executable path to the Registry:
  HKCU\Software\PrestoSoft\ExamDiff Pro\ExePath
Bug fixes:
  • The Ignore Comments option now works properly when comparing fragments
  • After manually synchronizing two lines with different (non-ignored) linebreak characters, they are no longer shown as being equal
  • Ignored trailing spaces in line differences are now marked correctly
  • Manual synchronization links are no longer kept when files are closed
  • Canceling a re-compare with unsaved documents no longer occasionally gives empty documents
  • Move Cursor to Current Difference now functions correctly when the first inline difference is at the beginning of a line
  • ExamDiff Pro no longer fails when attempting to re-compare files that no longer exist
  • HTML generation for short lines (incomplete lines) now works properly
  • HTML generation for ignored lines now shows full lines
  • No more infinite loop in HTML diff report scrolling under Google Chrome
  • Environment strings now expanded in directory comparison filters
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Improved change notifications that do not take into account filtered-out files
  • Improved handling of large files (when not enough memory, allows switching to binary mode in order to determine whether the files are different)

Changes In Version 4.0 (March 24, 2008)

New features:
  • Support for customizable document types, with document-type-specific settings for tab size, comments, and syntax highlighting
  • Ability to create and edit filter sets
  • Name filter improvements: ability to disable filters and a new interface for editing filters
  • Date and size filters in directory comparison
  • "Filters" right-click menu in directory comparison:
  • Exclude Name
  • Exclude Extension
  • Exclude Relative Directory
  • Not Older Than
  • Not Larger Than
  • Not Smaller Than
  • Option to perform quick full comparison of selected files in directory comparison without performing a full recompare of all files
  • Ability to copy text fragments including padding lines
  • "Compare To..." in Shell extension
  • Ability to use environment variables (e.g. %WINDIR%) in file names
  • Ability to delete matching files in both directory comparison panes
  • Option to ignore word separators embedded in quoted strings during file comparison
  • Ability to view report files right after saving
  • Ability to independently scroll views horizontally using Alt key
  • Separate "Use Plug-ins" options for file and directory comparison
  • New command line options useful for merging in some version control tools:
  /sn1:file use this name when you save the first file
  /sn2:file use this name when you save the second file
  • New command line option useful for comparison invoked from version control:
  /nh do not add files or directories to comparison history
  • Resizing with Shift key pressed to keep the center of the main window
  • Ability to toggle Full File Comparison from the toolbar
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed incorrect directory comparison of files with mixed linebreak styles in Full File Comparison mode
  • Text selection was colored in Print/Print Preview
  • Plug-ins that converted files into directories (such as the Unzip plug-in) are now considered during directory comparison
  • Files/directories dropped from Windows Explorer sometimes incorrectly appeared in the wrong pane
  • Directory snapshots can now be created from the Files menu
  • Improved difference navigation
  • Improved toolbar button defaults

Changes In Version 3.5 (March 11, 2007)

New features:
  • Ability to add manual synchronization points to text file comparison
  • Ability to independently scroll views vertically using Alt key
  • Ability to save and load session files (with .EDPI extension) that contain a pair of names of compared files or directories and a set of comparison options, along with a new command line option (/sf) to load a session file and the ability to launch a comparison by double-clicking on a session file in Windows Explorer
  • Extensive drag and drop support
  • Windows Vista support
  • Intuitive Autopick feature in Compare dialog that remembers matching pairs
  • Plug-ins are optionally installed during setup
  • Plug-ins can be used to compare archives (ZIP etc.) against directories or other archives
  • Default remote plug-ins can be defined to compare files and directories on the Internet
  • Plug-in execution can be canceled
  • Ability to show end-of-line characters using View | View End-Of-Line Markers menu command
  • 'Touch' command in directory comparison views
  • Option to timestamp copied files with current time
  • Menu command to show/hide line numbers
  • Ability to rearrange directory comparison columns by dragging them in the list headers
  • Icons in Compare dialog
  • Difference navigation in HTML reports
  • Disabled expired features are re-enabled after the registration
  • All executables are now digitally signed by a certificate of authenticity
  • Improved external file/directory change notifications
  • Explorer integration DLL (Shell Extension) for 64-bit Windows is now automatically installed during setup
  • New command line option: /swap (swap first and second file/directory)
  • Improved Help
Bug fixes:
  • Messages were occasionally not shown under Windows 95/98/Me
  • Occasional incorrect matching of ignored characters
  • Incorrect treating text files as binary in full directory comparison
  • Saving of read-only files
  • Memory errors during processing of files with very long lines
  • Comments were not ignored after files were processed by plug-ins
  • Path view filters only worked when lower case strings were used
  • East-Asian characters were not properly shown after horizontal scrolling
  • "Ignore column ranges" did not ignore lines shorter than specified ranges
  • Command line option /f did not work under some conditions

Changes In Version 3.4 (January 31, 2006)

New features:
  • Option to ignore programming language comments
  • Option to ignore multiple column ranges in lines
  • Compare directories produced by file plug-ins (see possible uses)
  • Inline plug-ins (specified by name before file/directory names in Compare dialog)
  • Option to back up files replaced during Copy operations
  • "Identical items" color and effects are customizable
  • Ability to reset options to defaults for current page only
  • True-color toolbar with small and large buttons
  • Improved performance and reduced memory footprint
Bug fixes:
  • Fix for default HTML template paths
  • Fix for Ignore Linebreak Styles option when not used on files with no ending linebreaks
  • Fix for Save As used on clipboard contents
  • Older files were always visible even though a view filter is set up not to show them
  • Fix for erroneous messages during drag-n-drop operations on read-only and plugin-processed files
  • Failed to recover from error when files were compared from directory comparison
  • Ignore the Ignores command did not ignore "Ignore linebreak styles" option
  • Wheel mouse occasionally scrolled up a page instead of several lines

Changes In Version 3.3 (May 19, 2005)

New features:
  • Allow to select clipboard contents instead of one of files in Compare dialog
  • Copy as Text command for directory comparison
  • Save As command in text file comparison context menu
  • Ability to edit and save files after they are processed by plug-ins
  • "True" ignoring of blank and regex-matching lines
  • Allow using strikeout and underline font effects for added, changed, deleted, etc. items (note: HTML templates have changed)
  • Allow applying a plug-in from the right-click menu
  • "Error" status for directory comparison errors
  • Allow selecting a plug-in (that overrides Options plug-ins for a given file) in Compare dialog
  • Support for EBCDIC character set in displaying binary comparison results
  • Option to ignore linebreak style differences (DOS/UNIX/Mac)
  • Option to consider files with same CRC identical
Bug fixes:
  • Entering one file/directory name in command line
  • Case-sensitivity of view filters
  • Empty directories (this feature was broken in 3.2c)
  • Detecting Unix-style (LF) line endings

Changes In Version 3.2c (August 9, 2004)

New features:
  • Windows Explorer (Shell) integration
  • Resolving Windows shortcuts
  • Compare file CRCs when comparing directories
  • Compare versions of executables and DLLs when comparing directories
  • Show CRC and versions in directory comparison views
Bug fixes:
  • TAB character detection in Print/Print Preview
  • Occasional crashes in regular expression engine
  • Handling files larger than 2 GBytes in directory comparison
  • Initializing colors in when "Other" button is clicked in Options | Display | Colors
  • Doubled comparison statistics in Word Wrap mode
  • Not persisting "No newline at end of file" message when running from the command line

Changes In Version 3.2 (March 18, 2004)

New features:
  • Unicode support
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts
  • Compare selected text fragments
  • "Clipboard comparison" added to the Compare dialog
  • Windows XP look in XP and higher
  • "Newer"/"Older" fields in file status bars
  • Option "Allow to copy files TO and FROM in directory comparison"
  • Ability to move to the previous difference after copying a block in text file comparison
  • ':' character can be used in directory comparison filters to denote path filters vs. default name filters
Bug fixes:
  • Wrong timestamp comparison of files whose dates fall on Daylight Saving Time switch dates
  • Printing selection in directory comparison may cause a crash
  • Better plug-in implementation. Side effect: old plug-ins need to be exported in a previous version, then manually added in 3.2
  • Better caret positioning when view filter is turned on and off

Changes In Version 3.1 (June 29, 2003)

New features:
  • HTML diff report
  • New copy block commands (Replace in First/Second, Add to First/Second)
  • Copy to Clipboard command in directory comparison
  • Added comparison detail level selection to toolbar
  • Wrap Search option in Find/Replace dialogs
  • Command to resize directory columns to fit their content
  • New command line options:
/no do not generate output file if no diffs are found)
  /append used with /o option to append to an existing output file
  /html used with /o option to output HTML diff report
  • Plug-ins can be applied to all files by using * extension and rearranged
  • Option to show/hide "Too slow comparison?" balloon message
  • Two new settings in the Registry: "Use Last Session" and "Auto-Save Session"
Bug fixes:
  • Esc key in Don't Show dialogs behaves now as Close dialog button
  • If Keep option was used in Merge Dialog, Sync was lost (no more merging was possible after that)
  • Broken mnemonics in right-click menus
  • Made Go To command in text files much faster
  • Much faster file saving over a remote connection
  • Re-sync bug after copying blocks with "Keep" option
  • Error in creating directory by its UNC path
  • Bug in not saving toolbar state on Alt + Drag'n'Drop
  • If files from different directories were selected, Explorer menu was not working properly. The fix makes Explorer menu item disappear if files from different directories are selected
  • Wrong resizing of Compare Dialog on fresh setup
  • Bugs in /f, /d, /p command line options
  • Better error reporting when files/dirs don't exist
  • Not updating views after copying empty directories
  • Wrong diff number was reported after re-compare under certain options
  • Occasional hanging for files with only CR characters for line breaks
  • Better handling of "Out of memory" errors
  • Allow to copy expired registration info in About box

Changes In Version 3.0 (December 26, 2002)

New features:
  • Visual binary file comparison
  • Named comparison sessions (with file/directory name pairs, options)
  • Ability to cancel lengthy file comparison
  • Added Directory handling to the tool bar (compare recursively, do not compare recursively)
  • Shift + Del command to delete files permanently (from directory comparison views)
  • New change notification ("Do not monitor")
  • Option to display "Relative Path" only in one pane of directory comparisons (to save on screen real estate)
  • Options to synchronously resize directory comparison columns and synchronize directory views horizontal scrolling
  • Option of saving files where tabs are converted to N spaces
  • Option where to scroll after the comparison
  • File path view filter for directory comparison panes
  • Explorer Menu added to right click menu on file comparison panes
  • Option to reuse window position in a launched instance
  • Option to advance to next difference after copying a block from one file to another
  • Option to show empty directories in recursive comparison
  • New command line options:
/br briefly report whether files/directories differ
  /tb treat both files as binary files
  /sd always show initial "Compare" dialog, even if two filenames are used
Bug fixes:
  • Occasional hanging after directory comparison
  • Copying changed blocks when the destination file does not have newline character at end of file
  • Wrong cursor position after Replace/Replace All
  • Significantly faster words and characters comparison

Changes In Version 2.8 (March 14, 2002)

New features:
  • View diff file (without saving)
  • Customizable word separators
  • Run comparison in a new instance
  • Print selection
  • Resizable Compare dialog
  • Improved regular expressions support
  • 'Select All' in directory comparison list views
  • Option to consider files with different attributes different
  • Count wrapped lines as one
  • Option to use View Filter for diff file saving
  • 'Number of diffs' column in directory comparison
  • Command to close files in file comparison mode
  • Ability to select columns and their sort order for directory comparison list views
  • External helper applications used before comparison
  • Ignore line parts matching a regular expression
Bug fixes:
  • Directory comparison showed that files were different even though they were identical considering ignored blank lines or regular expressions
  • Saving "Ignore of the ignores" did not work
  • No crosshatches in Print and Print preview
  • Directory snapshot comparison

Changes In Version 2.7 (May 16, 2001)

New features:
  • Color bar for graphical presentation of differences
  • Option to ignore lines matching regular expression
  • Options to ignore first and last characters in each line
  • Option to enable / disable warning on 'no newline'
  • New command line options:
/q:M set tab size to M characters
  /fi:filter specify include filter for directory comparison
  /fx:filter specify exclude filter for directory comparison
  /ff force initial file comparison dialog
  /fd force initial directory comparison dialog
  • Improved word wrapping algorithm
  • Column sizes are saved before re-comparing directories
  • Split Added/Deleted view filter into two: Added and Deleted

Changes In Version 2.6f (January 16, 2001)

New features:
  • Directory snapshot
  • Ignore blank lines
  • Simple word wrap
  • View/Edit in File context menu
  • Option to set time zone difference for directory comparison
  • Show Only Differences feature is superceded by View Filter
Bug fixes:
  • Restored Compare Matched From Directories and Compare Selected From Directories lost in 2.6
  • Incorrect behavior with option 'Run new instance of the program to compare from directory panes
  • Find and Replace dialogs did not go away after re-compare
  • Faster file comparison, especially for large files

Changes In Version 2.6 (October 1, 2000)

New features:
  • Option to show/print just the changes with a user-definable number of lines of context (for file comparison)
  • Insert/overwrite mode (for file comparison)
  • Bookmarks (for file comparison)
  • Replace (for file comparison)
  • Go to line (for file comparison)
  • Regular expressions for find/replace
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Option to ignore background for printing
  • Option to disable pane synchronization
  • Command line switch to read options from a specified file (/g:file)
  • Option to print file diffs when printing directory diff report (and a new command line switch /c)
Bug fixes:
  • For files with over 1000 lines, the line number of the left file did not print completely
  • Ctrl + Mouse Click did not unselect items in directory comparison panes
  • Synchronized word wrapping
  • Sorting of Path column in directory comparison panes
  • Warn about changes before spawning external editor

Changes In Version 2.5 (April 11, 2000)

New features:
  • Ability to edit files within file comparison panes
  • View white space in file comparison panes
  • Option to show directory sizes

Changes In Version 2.2a (December 8, 1999)

New features:
  • New command line options:
/s  consider files with the same size and timestamp identical
  /y consider files with different size different (even if some ignore options are selected)
  /z consider files with different timestamp different
  /r0 do not compare subdirectories at all
  /r1 compare subdirectories only to determine their status
  /r2  compare subdirectories recursively
  /f  report file differences during directory comparison
Bug fixes:
  • Copying and deleting multiple files in recursive directory comparison mode
  • Going one level up to root directories in directory comparison mode
  • Occasional crashes in print preview for directory comparison

Changes In Version 2.2 (October 10, 1999)

New features:
  • Directories are optionally compared recursively
  • Directories are optionally marked as different if their files/directories differ
  • Synchronous word wrapping of long lines
  • Same window or new window option when comparing two directories from the directory comparison panes
  • Ability to compare two selected (but not necessarily matched) files/directories from directory comparison panes
  • "One directory level up" command to move up the directory tree in the directory comparison mode
  • Additional command line switch: /p - print diff report and exit
  • Status column in directory comparison mode which shows Same, Added, Deleted files/directories, and Newer and Older files or Changed directories
  • Windows Explorer menu in directories right-click menu
Bug fixes:
  • Multiple include filters didn't work
  • Minimizing main window didn't bring "Compare Dialog" to the top under Windows 98 and Windows 2000
  • File operations (copy, delete) could cause problems (including crash) in "Show Only Differences" mode
  • Change notifications didn't work after file operations
  • Incorrect coloring if compared files did not have carriage return at the end
  • Directory comparison for root directories could produce wrong file types and icons
  • Comparing files/directories by double-clicking items in directory comparison panes didn't work with "Show Only Differences" option enabled
  • Several new options to make directory comparison faster
  • Separate fonts for screen and printer
  • Option to automatically re-compare files/directories if change is detected
  • Number of added/deleted/changed item is shown in the status bar
  • Significantly expanded online help

Changes In Version 2.1a (March 17, 1999)

New features:
  • Highlights differences down to the level of words or characters in changed lines
  • Allows printing and print previewing of diff report
  • Able to copy and delete multiple files/directories in directory comparison mode
  • Additional command line switch: /o:file - output diff results to a file 'file' (or to standard output if '-' is specified) and exit
  • Option to have Compare Dialog box always on top
  • $COLUMN variable to pass the cursor's column number to the external editor
  • Toggle between "Ignore nothing" and "Ignore what I specified to be ignored" states
  • In addition to background colors, hatched patterns may be used
  • In directory comparison mode, option to consider files with the same name, size and timestamp identical, making comparison significantly faster
Bug fixes:
  • In file comparison mode, pressing Delete key caused a crash
  • From the command line, UNC file names didn't work
  • In directory comparison mode, incorrect binary files comparison
  • Root directory comparison didn't work
  • If the option to "Compare New Pair of Files" is selected, then the main window is minimized, permitting better access to the desktop with unobscured drag-and-drop
  • No more serial numbers

The first version of ExamDiff Pro (2.0) was released on October 27, 1998.